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Loyalty Programs are Dead, Long Live Loyalty Programs

Ray Gill
August 1, 2022
1.5 min

We continue to see leading publications rave about loyalty programs, but are they really that valuable?

Loyalty Programs are Dead, Long Live Loyalty Programs

The Loyalty Program Status

A typical U.S. household is enrolled in 19 - 29 different loyalty programs, 5 - 12 of them are actively used. Yikes! Do we really want to track points across 29 different loyalty programs with the hope of collecting enough points to buy that one blender we all desire?

The Future of Commerce

Meanwhile, the world is moving towards data ownership as a human right and meta-(not the company)-based experience are scaling quickly. The rest of the industry is focused on loyalty programs as a means to collect insights -- which by design create friction during checkout (which is just the tip of the iceberg).

  • Do we really simplify the commerce experience with every consumer facing company offering a loyalty program of some sort?
  • How many loyalty programs does the industry think a person can manage and stay engaged with?
  • Is giving up margin for the ability to assign identity to a transaction really that beneficial?
  • How does the industry collectively evolve from thinking loyalty programs are the be all solution and leverage meta based experiences?

In the Conversation

We at DataHive are looking forward to answering these questions, building a global community focused on data ownership as a human right, and leading the meta-based experiences platform. I'm excited for us to come out of stealth mode.


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