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Unlock the potential of your data. Your Data. Your World.

DataHive is an AI platform providing the infrastructure for a fair & efficient personal information economy.

Imagine a world where you own your data & you decide how it’s used.

You have an AI Sidekick collecting your data for you. It keeps that data & personal information private. Then, it shares helpful insights with you.

Welcome to a better world with DataHive.

What data?

You are generating data 24/7 online - this is the data we are talking about:
Your Identity

Identity Ownership & Protection

  • Personal information such as name, SSN, driver’s license, and biometrics
  • Addresses such as physical, email, and usernames
  • Anonymous and pseudonymous data such as transaction receipts, search history, and digital media
  • Behavioral and automated individual decision-making protection
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Your Consent

Consent Protection

Provide and manage your data access and use consent by organization, channel, and use case.

  • Manage data access and usage consent for account creation
  • Manage consent by organization such as financial institutions, retailers, telcos, airlines, service providers, etc.
  • Manage consent for content personalization
  • Enforce opt-out for data collection by data brokers
Your Credit

Credit Ownership & Protection

As one of the essential building blocks of your personal information economy, you can use your credit differently.

  • Build, own, manage, and share your credit score
  • Credit, checking & savings, crypto account activity alerts
  • Freeze credit bureau accounts
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Your Digital Life

The Metaverse

Technology and world circumstances are changing the way we interact and what data is created and needed when we do.

  • Manage your biometrically inferred data
  • Manage data based experiential personalization
  • Manage your virtual items across metaverses
  • Manage data generated by your data economy
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How it works.

Your data is everywhere. It only takes a few minutes to collect & secure it.

You Sign-Up.

Get the DataHive app & create an account. Your AI Sidekick will guide you the rest of the way.


Your AI Scans.

Sidekick will map out the companies you’ve interacted with and provide an overview of your data they’ve been collecting and using.


Your AI Resolves.

Choose your privacy settings & Sidekick will apply those rules to your data for your interactions online (with websites, companies, shops, etc.)


Your AI Connects.

Sidekick continues to manage & guard your data across connected platforms, while keeping collected data secure in your DataHive (dH).


Your AI Powers.

Sidekick shares insights with you, keeping you on track with goals + unlocking unique experiences across the internet & metaverse.

Your DataHive.

Your DataHive (dH) is where it all starts - your AI Sidekick makes it all happen.

Your DataHive is used for storing & taking ownership of your data & identity. Your AI Sidekick performs your data tasks.

Your DataHive provides:

Collection & Protection - your Sidekick collects your data & then keeps that data & your identity safe.

Self-Sovereign Storage - all of your personal data in one place, securely under your control, and protected.

Self-Sovereign Identity - a digital ID that only you own and only you get decide who has access to.

DataHive Universal Login - password-less, secure, one-tap authentication. No more forgotten passwords.

Manage Your World - once your data is stored and protected, you can use it to do so much more.

The vision -evolve
Digital Human.
Digital Human (dHu) is a true digital extension & reflection of you.

Assign your Digital Human tasks from the real-world which it will execute via the metaverse while protecting your data.

Simplify Life Tasks.

Digital human will take care of your real & digital world tasks. Need to re-negotiate your electricity contract, cell phone plan, or find new insurance? Your Digital human can take care of that, and more.

Greater Equality for All.

Every company you interact with utilizes automated-decision technology that can contain unfair built-in biases. Task your Digital Human to keep other automated systems fair and just.

dHu in the Metaverse.

Digital is already integrated into your life like never before. Reality + the Metaverse is the future. Navigate, track, personalize, and take your items between the real-world and the metaverse with ease.

Your Digital Human Username

Get first choice.

Like with email addresses & domain names in the past, you’ll want to have first choice at your name - you can move up the waitlist by sharing.

DataHive for Companies.

DataHive is re-imaging data ownership. This benefits consumers and companies.

Companies can leverage DataHive for customer service, personalization, marketing, and more in ways never possible before across the web.

KYC Your Users

Onboard users with ease and verify with data stored in their DataHive, making compliance to changing regulations easy.

Managed Consent

Respect user's data privacy preferences and access consented insights ethically, safely, and sustainably.

Digital Morality

Users like a personalized experience (only when they ask for it). With DataHive, you will be ready to give it to them

Our Universal API

With our Universal API for Data Privacy, we are providing a secure infrastructure for the internet and metaverse.

Digital Human

Automate your real & digital world customer service needs by interacting with a consumer’s Digital Human.

Bias Correction

DataHive’s Digital Human corrects bias by making sure fair data measures are observed and acted on.

∞ Personalization

Enable infinite personalization in the real world and metaverse based each user's custom consent preferences.

Really, this is about you, but if you want to know who we are, that’s great too.

Our north star is the support, trust, and governance from our community - that’s you.


“Streamr’s technology and DataHive’s platform are an ideal match. Our decentralized data infrastructure aims to unlock a new breed of fairer, more transparent data-driven applications for web3 – and DataHive is exactly that, enabling users to build and manage their personal data economy.”

Henri Pihkala
Founder & CEO, Streamr
Partnering with the best across the world, metaverse, and multiverse.


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